Yet Another SysAdmin

Hey there! 👋

Welcome to my tiny corner in the ocean which is the web!

My name is Julian ("jhx") and I currently live and work on this planet.

Computing 🖥️

I’m deeply interested in Information technology (Operating Systems, Security, Networking).
(I also quite enjoy Retro Computing - or systems from the past in general)

Little old me loves GNU/Linux and BSD. Sometimes I dabble with Windows as well.
Free Software or FOSS is what I use all the time - and what I prefer!

Gaming 🎮

Retro gaming is a great pastime of mine (Consoles and PC).
I play some modern games from time to time as well! (On Linux and Windows)
Also, I’m a fan of Wine.

Programming ⌨️

Yes, I also do some programming for fun. I have a couple of languages that I’m interested in. Check out my GitHub page and maybe find something useful!

Channel 📽️

Check out my Odysee and YouTube channel “Yet Another SysAdmin”, if you like.

Contact 📫

In the Fedi realm I can be found either on Fosstodon or on the excellent instance.

You can also reach me via Email at jhx0x00 at gmail dot com
(For all the oldschool people out there)

Last but not least…

One of my favorite quotes from the UNIX legend Dennis Ritchie:

UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand it’s simplicity.


That’s all.. have fun and stay open! 😎